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All Attributes Fitness: The Return Cometh Soon

- Midtown Grand Rapids, Michigan - Main personal training space

April 21st, and maybe some light at the end of this hell tunnel. When this pandemic begins to subside, life must go on and so shall we. We've been shelved since March 16th and we are chomping at the bit to get going again, though we know we will need to do it safely, and smartly. The new normal we will be living in though will undoubtedly put us all in a weird space that we've never been in before. So, how do we navigate this new normal, when it comes to our fitness needs?

Luckily for us, we (and all our clients), have an advantage when it comes to this new normal, as we are a private studio! Private means less people, we know who is coming in and when, and we can space out accordingly. Unlike open big box gym spaces we won't have a difficult time ensuring proper spacing and most importantly, sanitization of the equipment between uses. For us, this has always been the case, but it's worth noting that it sets us up well in this particular new environment. I mean, look at all our sanitizer stations. Liquid gold!

Secondly, we know there are many different "types" of people out there when it comes to this virus, from believers and non-believers, to play-it-safers and Darwin award nominees. To make sure we have all types covered, we are working on a new "private training offering" that will guarantee a private room session to each individual that wants that option. Once we figure the particulars of how that would work we will add this to our website, and keep it active for at least the foreseeable future.

We are all clearly frustrated by this and it's affected all of us in at least some way, so we totally understand how tough this all is. We miss our people though and hope you will return when you feel it is safe, and you are ready. We also know until things get a bit more stable, income is a bit weird for a lot of us, so talk to us if that is the case, and we will see what we can do for you. We all need some help in various different ways, and if fitness is your go-to stress relief then we will make sure you get in somehow!

Til next time, when we will set you up with some more brunch ideas, (sugar detox style)!

- Our Loft Space at 740 Michigan. Set up for yoga in this pic but has full set of equipment ready to go. Potential private training space.

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