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The More You Know...

One month into the resolution season and hopefully we are all a part of the coveted 8-10 percent of people who actually KEEP those resolutions (We know you are, cause we hold you to them!). Summer months are still a ways out, but now is the time to get the work in to achieve the results you are looking for on the sunny, summer days. Never too late to start so if you aren’t hitting it hard now, you are running out of time…so get in here!

On that note, for Feb we are going to cover 3 of the more frequently asked questions we get from clients, so let’s get to it.

FAQ1: How many times a week do I need to workout if I want to achieve “X” results?

AAFitAnswer: As in math, you must first solve for the “X”. One workout per week is better than none, that much is clear, so don’t let life tell you that because you can’t get to the gym six times a week, that you might as well do nothing. That is an easy trap to fall into.

In general, we encourage our clients to average 2-3 times per week if they want to start seeing the results within the first few months. However, being active throughout the week and supplementing your personal training sessions with runs, walks, workouts of your own, etc is always encouraged. Just cause you can’t make it in here doesn’t let you off the hook!

Of course the variables to this are numerous, including the rest of your lifestyle (eating habits, stress, sleep, occupation, etc), so for a true personalized answer we can work that out with you on a one-on-one basis, to ensure you will get the results YOU are looking for.

FAQ2: What is the deal with the “fill-in-the-blank” diet? Is that something I should try?

AAFitAnswer: Like the above answer, a lot depends on the individual and where they fall in the fitness landscape. The simplest answer is that adopting a clean eating lifestyle is really the ultimate goal you are looking to achieve. One of the main problems with the “diet” is that the word itself implies a temporary condition; otherwise you’d just call it “eating”!

As a general rule anything that completely eliminates ____ entirely is usually one to watch out for, as the sustainability of that in the long term would be questionable. That isn’t to discount them entirely, just think of them as stepping stones to changing your habits for the long term.

Stay away from all the processed junk, excess amounts of sugar, alcohol, etc…and you will be on the right track. Of course, those are all the things we love, and we can’t forget to live a little. All things in moderation so they say…and hard work in the gym deserves rewards!

FAQ3: How much alcohol is too much? What if I just drink “fill-in-the-blank” and waters?

AAFitAnswer: No one is going to like this answer but…any amount is too much. The common practice for drinking yet justifying it by a low calorie count doesn’t account for the full equation. While calorie (and sugar) count is undoubtedly a great reason to avoid alcohol in the first place, it doesn’t factor in how the body metabolizes alcohol, or how it affects other important fitness factors like sleep, or our main concern – our clean eating habits!

As in the above answers, the common theme here is personalization and moderation. If alcohol is something you enjoy then swearing it off entirely just might not be an option for you. Try to pick a couple of months where you challenge yourself to stay away or keep it to a minimum, and use those months to really go hard for your fitness results. Maintaining a healthy body is a bit easier than fighting to get one in the first place, and remember, you should be rewarded for all your hard work!

Feel free to submit any other questions you might have (or just ask us in person), and we will include on a future post as a topic!

As always, see you in the Studio!


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