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New Year, New Location, Get Ready for some fun…

Update time. Been a busy month+ around here and there hasn’t been much in the way of communication, so we needed to drop an update for you. Lots going on with holidays as well for everyone, so it was a good time for us to go all quiet. Hope everyone is enjoying their downtime…as things are about to ramp up.

As some/many of you know, we are now operating out of a new space! We aren’t “officially” open but we are still doing our workout thing for all you die-hards (we tried to be as non-disruptive to workouts as possible after all). 

To say we are excited for this opportunity would be an understatement, as we’ve received quite an upgrade from a facility and location standpoint. With the change of scenery though comes a lot of adjustments, and a lot of new sweat equity (have to make the place our own after all). That said, please ignore our mess until we get it how we think it will work best for you all. 

In way of a quick “tour”, the pics above don’t quite do it justice, but man it’s sweeeeeet. We have glass frontage directly on Michigan St, and we share a wall with 7 Monks Taproom (dangerous). An amazing lobby (and future caffeine bar) with built-in drink fridge, 2 large bathrooms, water bottle filler, and tons of locker space, with separate weight room with our custom athletic turf, as well as 20 stairs (which will be used) that lead to our loft area where we hope to hold future classes (yoga, core, HIIT). We even have access in the Spring/Summer to the amazing rooftop (pictured above), which the lovely people from Lofts of GR are going to allow us access to. Rooftop classes will be YUGE…game changer.

ALL that said, due to the quick changes and things that need to be done for the new space (this all happened REAL fast), we’ve been a bit slack on our programs, and getting people jazzed for the Resolution Season. We still need to reward our crazy peeps who made it 100% of the way through the Fall Fitness Challenge, and need to work on prepping the next challenge as well as new workout board for the month. We WILL get there…promise. 

Finally, thanks so much to all of our loyalists that made the transition with us to this new Midtown location, as we know it is a bit of a shocker coming from our previous Kentwood space. We never dreamed of ever moving this far over, but the opportunity was just too good to pass up. How that came to be is another post entirely! 

And not that I’d imagine they’d ever read this, but thanks to Jeff, Dave, Elizabeth, and all the lovely ladies from Lofts of GR, as they’ve all been beyond great in all aspects in welcoming us and helping us make this happen. 

This was too long already so…bye! Til next time. We’ve got a ton of cool stuff coming.

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