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May State of the Union

AAFitness First Newsletter

Well, things sure are moving along quickly now aren’t they? Been a bit of a journey from the days of “old seafood factory” to where we are now, but we still have a ways to go, and that’s what I want to highlight here in May’s check-in.

First off, some business. Need to thank all of you crazy die hards for sticking it out with us as we get this thing off the ground, as we literally could NOT have made this happen without you. You are the type of people that Melissa and I love to be around, as you are all positive people, have great energy, and believe in the vision. Can’t thank you all enough. #gushfestover (for now)

As for where we are vs. where we want to be, here’s a quick bullet point list of what we are hoping to do here in the upcoming months.

Outside Improvements

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but is a major piece that we need to address. We’ve spent most of our time fixing up the inside, now we are on to the exterior.

-         Lighting

-         Signage

-         Parking

-         Exterior “beautification”

-         Garage Door

-         Commercial glass front door

All important things that we are looking to accomplish here over the next couple of months.

Fill Equipment Gaps / Interior Finishes

We are still a few “toys” short that we’d love to have available for you, and we will be looking to add these as we continue to move along. Also, any suggestions for what you think we might be missing, or would love to have…feel free to pass our way. (if it’s not on my list of course)

-         Leg Press Machine

-         Leg Curl/Leg Extension Machine

-         Additional sets of dumbbells/kettlebells/plate weights

-         Plyo Jump Boxes

-         Additional step up risers

-         Preacher Curl

-         Medicine balls, climbing rope, calf step up, hanging ab straps, etc

-         Interior finishes: Mirrors for cable crossover wall, sound system and mic set up for classes, wi-fi, additional lighting, TVs

New Custom Classes, AAF style

Starting with the Circuit 10 strength/endurance class (that I’m rocking!), we are going to be building our own custom versions of classes that we feel you will enjoy, and that we KNOW will get you in crazy good shape. HIIT classes are on the docket next, as Melissa and I will be putting together our own spin on these 30 minute high intensity interval classes, with our own choices of music and moves to infuse them with a little personality and tailor them to our liking. We plan to have 3 levels of difficulty (that we will put to the test of course), and add additional move sets into our lineups to keep things fresh (cleans/rows/pulls can get a bit tired after all).

Also, a new core focused class and a yoga class will be phased in to our schedule sometime here in the near future, to help round out our offerings, which I will highlight in a future update (as I’m already pushing the length on this one!)

Til next time, see you in the studio.


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