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Quick and Simple Power Breakfast

With summer on the way again we thought we'd share this quick and easy healthy option for the first meal of the day. As our workouts are usually AM style, this is a solid, quick, tasty (yet healthy) option for someone who wants to add a little variety to the mix, and can be had either before or after a morning workout.

As many of you know, eating right is essentially 90% of the battle when it comes to achieving a svelte look that so many of us strive for, and with that in mind our options are limited (ie: boring)...but this proves they don't always have to be. In this dish, you can customize it to your size, (calorie needs) by adding more eggs, taking some away, more/less turkey sausage, etc. Basically, it's a perfect non-boring option for someone looking for a tasty power breakfast to start their day.

RECIPE: eggs / sweet potato / tomatoes / turkey sausage / goat cheese

The key is the sweet potato, as you need to shred/grate about 1/2 of a normal size sweet potato in a large bowl to begin, then add 1 egg as a binder, with the seasonings of your choice (pepper, paprika, garlic salt, etc), and a bit of grated parm cheese to help give it a nice crust. Mix that all up and flatten out in a sauce pan on med/high heat until it has basically stuck together to allow a flip. Cook both sides...boom.

Cook your additional eggs in a separate pan however you like them...(and however many you are feeling), along with your turkey sausage til desired consistency. Slice up some tomatoes or use grape tomatoes (could add a little balsamic if you are feeling bold) and sprinkle on some goat cheese to finish. Low calorie, high protein. Solid start to the day.


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