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Why Difficult = Rewarding

Life is hard. Undoubtedly that is a turn of phrase we have all heard at some time or another (more than likely from our parents), and though over-simplified as it may be, it does hold a certain truth. “Hard” of course is a relative term, though in the context of fitness I’m sure we can agree certain things are hard: “burpees, HIIT classes, leg day, eating correctly, no-sugar challenges, etc”. Generally these “hard” things are also coincidentally the exact things we need to do to meet our goals (weird how that works). Also strange that “hard things” and “things-I-don’t-want-to-do” seem to align a great deal of the time. How do we reconcile this? Well, with another over-used phrase of course. “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” But back to that later…

So what mainly are we talking about here? Essentially it boils down to the thing (or things) that are standing in our way (fitness and in life). Some of these things are mental, some are physical, but I’m sure we can agree ALL are annoying. From personal experience, there are a “big 3” that always trip me up, and those are: healthy eating, overcoming injury, and just a category I will call “mental life BS”. That last one is just a general work/life/stress/funk that keeps you unfocused and in no mood to workout. We all have our own things that stop us from achieving our fitness goals, and those are mine!

Okay then, so what do we do about this? Well, for starters, it’s tough to get through a lot of these issues alone. (Shameless plug incoming) - that’s why the philosophy of our business is: accountability equaling results. Whether it’s eating advice, pushing you to go just one rep further, rehabbing annoying physical injuries, or just a friendly ear to bounce ideas and issues off of, we are here for that. Let’s be honest, that’s the reason we are here. Hopefully it’s a two way street as well, as I know personally I can use the same help from all of you. Doing the hard things are hard for a reason, but they are easier if we attack them together. Plus, it just feels so much better to accomplish something difficult now doesn’t it? If it were easy…

Til next time, see you in the studio.


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